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*¬¬[BlueDolphinCute]¬¬* Writting about anything

Waiting for the surprises of the life

Paly Messer Stokes
29 November 1979
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by bluedolphincute

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About Me
Female, single, without kids, Sagittarius and Goat in Chinese Sign. I’m a young person, who lives the life day by day. Try to give and do all my best in this. A little nerd/geek/emo. My best friend says that I’m a strong person, but sometimes I felt a little weak with some things like loneliness. I’m searching my place in the world, searching the place that I belong, making my own life… I’m working so hard in that, trying to grow up, with my mistakes, pains and joys. I’m studying and working at the same time, I get my Master degree, but I'm keep studying. I enjoy write, listen music, watch TV, reads a lot, sings and sometimes I paint in watercolor tech. I love drinks coffee a lots, especially coffee from Starbuck’s and Havana’s. I enjoy workout. I try to do every day. I love walk around my city with my music.
One of my favorite hobbies is work in a photoshop. So, most part of my graphics was made for me bluedolphincute

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Me of Course: bluedolphincute

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My Favorites Things
On TV: CSI, CSI: NY, House, Grey's Anatomy, Without a Trace, Dawson's Creek & Felicity, NCIS.

My Actors: Gary Sinise, George Eads, Carmine Giovinazzo,Eddie Cahill, Collin Firth, Hugh Laurie, Hugh Hackman, Hugh Grant, Ethan Hawke, David Duchovny

My Actress: Melina Kanakaredes, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Gillian Anderson

My Music: Electric Light Orchestra, Roxette, Phil Collins, Genesis, Chantal Kreviazuk, Sarah McLachlan, James Blunt, Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, 3 Doors Down, The Rasmus, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Dead Cab For Cuties, Lifehouse, Snow Patrol, Green Day, The Calling, REM, Savage Garden, Depeche Mode, KT Tunstall, HIM, Helloween, Megadeth, Keane, Angles & Airwaves, Rosie Thomas, The Fray, Coldplay, U2, Tango, ElectroTango, Soundtracks, Keane, Damien Rice, The Kill, The Who, John Mayer, Alberto Plaza, 30 Seconds To Mars, Fall Out Boy, 80's music, Josh Groban, The Pretenders, Kendall Payne, Rosie Thomas, Chantal Kreviazuk, Regina Spector, The Fray

My Books: Bridget Jones Diaries 1 & 2; Mariposas Encerradas en Mi, Ventanas, Mala Onda, El Albergue De Las Mujeres Tristes, Para Que No Me Olvides.

My Movies: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Butterfly Effect, Forrest Gump, Mona Lisa's Smile, The Prince of Tides, Apollo 13.

I Collect: Pencils & Pens, Copybooks & Notepads, Books, MP3, Discs, Video Tapes & DVDs, Soundtracks of Movies & Series, Hello Kitty Stuff

My Passions: Write FanFics [Now Available just in Spanish], Teach at The Faculty, Learn English [ I'm studying right now], Read a lot, Surf in the Internet, Drink Coffee, Talk with my friends
Famous Last Words
My family and my friends are the most important persons in the world. I couldn’t live without my mom and my sister, and my grandma Mina too. I admire my mom for her strength and power. My best friend lives so far and away, but she is the person who knows me better, even better than me. I need write, writes makes me feel free and close of the person that I love and I miss so much, like my best friend, my magician adopted mother and others, with their company I’m not afraid to walk this world alone. I love to write fiction, share the fantasy that I keep in my soul.
I copy the idea from: ladyrocketdale
but, All The Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

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by bluedolphincute

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3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, 80's, 80s music, agatha ruiz dela prada, aimee man, alberto fuget, alberto plaza, band of brothers, before sunrise, bonnie bianco, books, bridget jones, butterfly effect, candles, carmine giovinazzo, catherine willows, chandler bing, chocolat, chocolate, coffee, coldplay, cook, creativity, crossover, csi, csi crossover fic, csi new york, csi ny, csi: new york, csi: ny, csi:ny, csiny, damien rice, danny messer, dead like me, death cab for cutie, depeche mode, deportes, don flack, dvds, eddie cahill, education, electro tango, elo, emo, english, er, eric close, eric szmanda, escribir, evanescence, fairy tales, fall out boy, fan fiction, fanart, fanarts, fanfic, fanfiction, fanfictions, fic writing, flack/lindsay, friends, gary sinise, george clooney, george eads, good charlotte, green day, greg sanders, grey's anatomy, grissom/sara, gsr, hello kitty, him, house, house md, iconing, icons, internet, inxs, james blunt, john mayer, journalist, keane, kt tunstall, layouts, layouts for free accounts, learn english, lj, mac taylor, mac/stella, medical investigation, michael bublé, mp3, mp3s, music, my chemical romance, ncis, neal mcdonough, nick stokes, noah wyle, panic! at the disco, pencils, phil collins, photoshop, placebo, pre-made layouts, premade layouts, profesores, psicologia, psicology, psicología, psicopedagogia, psychology, read, reading, regina spektor, rem, resources, robbie williams, rosie thomas, roxette, sailor moon, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, simple plan, spanish, starbucks coffee, stella bonasera, stephen connor, tango, the fray, the kill, the killers, the network, the rasmus, the sky is falling, the who, tv series, tv shows, u2, walk, wallpaper, without a trace, write, writing, wtihout a trace, x files, ¬¬